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Crafting Combination

Let's make a list of combinations that could lead to a new item.
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Hello! I'm pretty new to Wikia as well, so I'm not well informed regarding how things are done so you've probably seen how I edit just one single page multiple times and how peculiar my way of creating the pages and its content.
Anyway, Silenced Link did say that CakoChan isn't really sure of how things work around here that's why they can't promote any of us to be an Admin or a Bureaucrat. I'm pretty sure it'll be easier if any of us would be able to become one and even easier if all of becomes one (which is something). Do you happen to know how to contact CakoChan aside from the Message Wall? I've just read what Admins and Bureaucrats can do and it'll be really easy if one of us can be one...
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So the developers got in contact with me about how Farrowveil Town has some spoilers for the story line and wanted them separated to another page because some people might not want the story spoiled. Can we start a page/collection of pages for the story/lore?
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