Baking Done Right is an item in the game that is required for the player to check out to successfully finish the Sweet Dreams, Girl! Quest.

Unlike any other books, it's not placed on a shelf and the player would not be able to see its actual book cover.

Book Title Description Location Price Value
Baking Done Right N/A The Kingdom of Want's Kitchen N/A N/A

Content Edit

The correct amount of cups of flour, teaspoons of sugar and pinches of salt required for various types of cakes.

"Most cake recipe needs 15 cups of flour, 4 teaspoons of sugar, and 3 pinches of salt

In smaller servings use only two-third of the initial amount of flour with 2 less amount of sweetness and adding a pinch of salt. Likewise, for a larger portion, add an additional seven cups of flour while doubling the base amount of sugar while adding three more pinches of salt.

The type of topping also determines how many ingredients you need to use.

For a chocolate cake, use 2 less cups of flour and adding two portions of sugar. If you use cheese, add three cups of flour with a portion of salt gone.

Adding a single cup of flour, six teaspoons of sugar, all the while reducing the amount of salt by 2 is mandatory for a blueberry cake.

The last thing to consider is how you want the cake texture to be like. For instance, a crusted cake needs 3 more cups of flour and two addition pinch of salt.

A soft cake adds no less than 5 cups of flour and three teaspoons of sugar.

For a layered cake, use three fewer cups of flour while adding 2 teaspoons of sugar and one less portion of salt.

The correct amount of flour, sugar, and salt are the key to creating a perfect, delicious cake."