Canine Cabaret is one of Charlotte's Attires that is available in the game. It was created to celebrate the Lunar New Year and was obtainable from February 11th to February 28th, 2018.

It was obtained once the player completed the Quest from Meldorr, the NPC near Farrowveil Town's Outskirts.

Quest Content Edit

A stray dog is seen sleeping by the signpost at Farrowveil Town's Outskirts. Once Charlotte approaches it, she can choose to nurse it back to health by giving it a Small Stamina Vial to revitalize it. The dog will then stand up, but she sees that it appears to be hungry so she gives it a Beef Jerky. She will then notice that the dog is wearing a pendant with a part that looks like where she can put a Focus Stone in.

After placing the Focus Stone in the pendant, the dog will transform into a human but unfortunately, he keeps the dog's face. He will then thank Charlotte who thought he was an anthropomorphic talking dog, and will clear up the issue and introduce himself as Meldorr, a mage from Magus' Reach.

Charlotte questions why he's in the area and Meldorr explains that he's researching polymorph magicks that can turn a person into various animals. As she has seen, his latest attempt is turning into a dog using a pendant but unfortunately, the Focus Stone popped loose so he was stuck in that form until she came along.

As a sign of gratitude, Meldorr will give Charlotte the Canine Cabaret attire.