Farrowveil Town is one of the considered "safe" or "neutral" locations in the continent of Rochendil. It is the hometown of Charlotte that she comes back to after a few years. This is the town that the player arrives at the moment they start the game and the town that is also home to a lot of non-player characters (NPCs) and buildings.

It consists of the Farrowveil Town's Main Road, the assumed Town Square located in the upper part of the town through an alleyway, and the Town Outskirts which can be accessed once the player crosses the bridge on the right side of the town. The Entrance of the town on the left side is inaccessible at the beginning of the game but later on, the player will be able to access it once the player is able to go to another location.

The Laylene Portal is located near the top right corner of the map. At the beginning of the game, a Stomper is blocking the way but eventually, the player will be able to access it as soon as possible to be able to go to other locations.

A fountain with three stone statues on top is located in the middle of the Farrowveil Town's Main Road where NPCs are usually around. Later on in the game, the player will see a Faceless Mage besides a Pupuru the Brave Mascot.

At the Town Outskirts is where the Town's Well is located in where the player can obtain 4 Fresh Water every day.

In-Game Description Edit

A modest and bustling town near the river, surrounded by evergreen forest. My home sweet home.

Buildings Edit

There are about 13 buildings that are in Farrowveil Town but not all of them are accessible right from the start all the time. Some of them are accessible as the player gets further in the game.

9 buildings are located in the Farrowveil Town's Main Road, 2 buildings are seen in the assumed Town Square, and the other 2 are located in the Town Outskirts.

The Dragon's Hoard Edit

A two-story building in the Farrowveil Town's Main Road located near the bottom left corner of the map where Charlotte's shop and bedroom are located.

Once the player starts a new game, Charlotte will spawn in front of this building.

The Ground Floor Edit

The Ground Floor is where the shop is. There are 14 shelves where the player can put 12 pieces of the same item in each of them. There can be 168 items on the shelves on the ground floor at the same time.

On the bottom-right corner is where the counter and the stairs are located. Once the player obtains permission to open up the shop, the player will be able to open it for some time of the day when confirmed after accessing the counter to be able to trade.

The Second Floor Edit

The Second Floor is where the bedroom is. There are 6 accessible objects located in it.

  • Synthesis Table - Where the player can craft items using recipes.
  • A Shelf - Where Gruff gets the materials for the player to use at the beginning of the game and where the player gets the option to clean their house or not.
  • Stash - Where the player can store items.
  • Cabinet - Where the player can change attires and check the agenda/calendar.
  • Charlotte's Personal Bookshelf - Where the player can either read a book or rearrange their collection.
  • Bed - Where the player can save the game and/or end the current day.

Bakery Edit

A presumably two-story building in the Farrowveil Town's Main Road right beside The Dragon's Hoard where the player can buy food items that can restore life and stamina. At first, the player can only buy Chocolate Bread and Fluffy Cupcake, later on, the player can buy a Cake Slice as well.

Nick and Gilda exchanges in watching the cash register every other time of the day.

Food Item Description Effects Price Value Max Amount (per day)
Chocolate Bread
Chocolate-flavored piece of bread. Looks very tasty! Restores 15 life.

Consumes 1 stamina.

22 Golds 20 Golds 50
Fluffy Cupcake
Fluffy Cupcake
Mouth-watering cream-covered cupcake. I can't wait to take a bite! Restores 8 stamina. 11 Golds 10 Golds 75
Cake Slice
Cake Slice
Multi-layered blackberry cake. Super delicious! Restores 45 life.

Consumes 3 stamina.

138 Golds 125 Golds 25

Merchants Guild Edit

Merchants Guild is a two-story blue building in the Farrowveil Town's Main Road located near the top right corner of the map where the player can either take or drop Quests and check random information on the board, collect rewards and buy locations from Guidan and read various books on the Ground Floor. On the Second Floor, the player can read information regarding some objects in the game and see a locked door.

Book Title Description Value
Draconians and Lizardmen -FT-
Draconians and Lizardmen
A book titled "Draconians and Lizardmen". 250 Golds
The Enigmatic Dragon Council -FT-
The Enigmatic Dragon Council
A book titled "The Enigmatic Dragon Council". 250 Golds
The Girl and The Barghest -FT-
The Girl and The Barghest
A book titled "The Girl and The Barghest". 250 Golds
Jake and The Djinn -FT-
Jake and The Djinn
A book titled "Jake and The Djinn". 250 Golds
Object Description
Old Coin It's a display of an old coin encased in a tamper-proof glass bubble. The plaque reads: "This gold coin is the first earning of Scrooge McDurvface as a trader His prowess in flipping large profit is legendary among the Guild Members."
Rusty Cash Register It's a display of a rusty cash register. The plaque reads: "This antique cash register was once owned by Meruscha Sterndig. She is the first and only dwarf to ever join the Merchants Guild. Her establishment on the Frozen Peak is our farthest branch in the north."

There's a piece of paper placed under the plaque. "Note: Don't bother opening the register, there's nothing inside."

Worn Down Coin Satchel It's a display of a worn down coin satchel. The plaque reads: "This velvet bag was once owned by the Great Merchant Balthazar. He is renowned for striking a deal between Aurelia and the Dwarven King and along with it, an exclusive contract to only use his trading company."

Unicorn Grace Inn (Lodging and Drinks) Edit

A two-story building in the Farrowveil Town's Main Road located near the top left corner of the map with a Tavern Sign on the left side of the door that usually says what is "Today's Special Menu". It is owned by Vael'zorra and where Talia started to work at a couple of months ago. This Inn is usually closed during the day and is open when the sun starts to set until nighttime.

Town Hall Edit

A one-story green building that is located in the Town Square. Once the player goes through an alleyway between a white building and the Merchants Guild, the player will see the Town Hall and another building. This is where the player can talk to the Town Mayor and read more books.

Book Title Description Value
Dawn of the Dragon Riders -E- -TH-
Dawn of the Dragon Riders
A book titled "Dawn of the Dragon Riders". 250 Golds
The Majestic Dragons -TH-
The Majestic Dragon
A book titled "The Majestic Dragons". 250 Golds
The Lekumba Customary -TH-
The Lekumba Customary
A book titled "The Lekumba Customary". 250 Golds
The Frozen Peak -TH-
The Frozen Peak
A book titled "The Frozen Peak". 250 Golds

Bronze Cog Workshop Edit

A presumably two-story white building in the Town Outskirts located on top of the hill. At the beginning of the game, it is locked. Later on, the player will meet two new characters.

Inside the Workshop, there is a door that is heavily enforced. Charlotte will assume that perhaps beyond this room lies one of the new character's more dangerous experiments. There is also a bookshelf that is chock-full of books about building clockworks and machines, Charlotte says that she wouldn't be able to understand any of it so the player can't read them. Near the desk, there is a barrel that is crammed will all kind of blueprints.

Outside the workshop, after meeting the two characters, one of them has their failed inventions lying in the middle and bove it is a barrel full of hammers. (Charlotte will either think "These hammers... They are old but still in such good condition. Are these... Made out of Mithril? [Line contains spoilers]. Maybe I should ask him when I have the chance..." or "Why so many hammers? There are almost a dozen inside this barrel. Maybe someday, if I ever need it, I can borrow one from him?") 

Examples of the blueprints:

  • E.P.I.C - It appears to be a machine that can travel... through time?? (Charlotte will think: "It will be an impressive machine if it indeed does work. The design looks neat though, I give it that. It would be even cooler if it had wings.")
  • Garganticon - Five individually controlled machines that can combine into one giant construct... (Charlotte will stop there and think: "Isn't this pointless? Why not have it be the giant construct from the beginning?")
  • Icicle Cupboard - A drawer that lets you store food and drinks longer by constantly freezing them. (Charlotte will think: "Heh... Not very practical. I know some magick spells can preserve stuff without using ice.")
  • Laylene Pistol - A gun that harnesses Chrntome tech to conjure two Laylanes that connect with each other. (Charlotte will think: "I can see myself using it to climb steep cliffs without much effort.")

Other Buildings Edit

Farrowveil Town's Main Road Edit

Near the bottom right corner of the map, located to the right of the Bakery, are where three of the other buildings are. Presumably, they are the houses of some NPCs and you cannot go inside them. Later on, you will be able to access Talia's House, the one-story building which is the nearest one to the bottom right corner of the map. A white building that is also inaccessible is located beside Unicorn Grace Inn on the right side while another inaccessible building, which is a grey tower, is also located beside Unicorn Grace Inn but on the left side.

Town Square Edit

On the left side of the map, there is an inaccessible building. It appears to be one of the branches of Charlotte's Uncle's store that will be run by Charlotte's Cousin in a few months.

Town Outskirts Edit

While the Bronze Cog Workshop is found on top of the hill, North of the Town's Outskirts, Tristan's Cabin is located to the right. At the beginning of the game, it's just locked but later on, there will be a note that says: "Off to vacation with my lovely wife. We will return by the end of the month. Sincerely, Tristan. P.S.: Talia, don't forget to feed the chickens."