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Queen Marigold CreamPuff III
Queen Marigold
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Professional Statistics
Occupation Queen
Affiliation Kingdom of Want
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Stepsister

Queen Marigold CreamPuff III is the de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Want.

Bio Edit

Personality Edit

Queen Marigold is an arrogant and overbearing ruler. She loves sweets and only cares good servants who can serve her delicious sweets. She will disregard anyone she deems unworthy of her attention.

Appearance Edit

Queen Marigold is a woman with black hair and red eyes.

Her outfit consists of a red dress and a black coat with a white belt and borders. She also wears a golden crown and carries a golden scepter with a cake slice on top.

History Edit

Once the player starts the Sweet Dreams, Girl! Quest, the player will, later on, meet the Queen for the first time to ask her how Charlotte and Talia will be able to go back to their real world.

The Queen refuses to let Talia go as she makes the delicious sweets that she loves, but she will teleport Charlotte back to the real world. Once the player goes back to the Kingdom of Want and is able to prove that she's a "Good Servant", the Queen will let her take two trials.

The first one is to clear the Land of Bounty with at least 2,000 points and the second and last trial is to battle the Nutcracker Guards and her, the Queen. (See battle information here.)

After beating the Queen, the player will be able to obtain the Queen Marigold's Brooch. She will finally let Talia's soul rest while she's asleep and gives both Charlotte and Talia permission to go back to Kingdom of Want any time they want to.

If the player tries their luck at the Land of Bounty after completing the Sweet Dreams, Girl! Quest, the Queen will reward her every time she reaches a milestone that was set.

Milestone Rewards
5,000 10 Choco Box
Box-o'-Chocolate Recipe
8,000 Pupuru Outfit
12,000 Fluffy Jacket
15,000 Sack Upgrade

Trivia Edit

  • The Queen's grandfather has a flying sled. She also mentioned that the jolly old man is always busy nearing the end of the year.
  • The Queen’s stepsister is also a ruler of a faraway land. The Queen also said that "She is not as kind as yours truly, though. If anyone gets on her nerve even for a tiny bit, I’m sure heads will roll."