Queen Marigold CreamPuff III is an enemy that can be encountered in the game. She will engage a battle with Charlotte for the last trial in the 'Sweet Dreams, Girl!' quest.

Attacks Edit

  • Lightning Bolt - High damage Wind attack. Will be used if Charlotte deals the wrong type of damage to her.
  • Incompetent! Useless! Weak! - Prone to the right type of damage for 3 turns. First phase only.
  • Rise, my soldiers! - Revives the Nutcracker Guards and makes her immune to all type of damage. First phase only.
  • Polymorph Throne - One time attack. Moves the battle to the second phase.
  • Crush Grip - Normal Physical attack. Second phase only.
  • Lightning Ball - Normal Wind attack. Second phase only.

Tactics Edit

Ready two types of bombs for this battle: A pure physical attack one and another with elemental attack on it.

The battle is divided into two phases.

For the first phase, her vulnerability is determined by which Nutcracker Guard you take down first. If the player kills the soldier on the left first, she'll say "Getting PHYSICAL there, huh?" That means she's vulnerable to physical attacks and if the player kills the soldier on the right first, she will say "I feel this will be MAGICKAL!" That means she's vulnerable to elemental attacks. After downing both of the soldiers she will be vulnerable for the right type of damage for three turns before reviving the guards and becoming invulnerable again. She will only say the hint once, and the Shifting Call move will switch which Nutcracker Guard is associated with physical/elemental attacks, so pay attention to the battle.

Nearing the second phase, the guards will be permanently defeated and she will use Polymorph Throne to start attacking you directly.

For the second phase, her vulnerability is determined by the previous attack she made. Crush Grip is a physical one, while Lightning Ball is an elemental one. She will do a switch on her weakness everytime she says "OBEY me, mortal!" and "You want to OPPOSE me?!" Cycle your attack accordingly.

Failing to hit her with the right type of damage will cause only 1 damage and trigger the Lightning attack.

Loots Edit

Queen Marigold's Brooch