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Alchemica - Crafting RPG is a retro-based role-playing game with a light-hearted story and interesting characters to interact with. The player goes through the game by playing as the female protagonist, Charlotte, as she continues on with her life after returning her hometown.

Note: The majority of the sub-headings are not the official "title part" set by Crunchy Bit Games, the game developers. They're more or less just a brief summary of that questline. This page is still under construction and incomplete so you are welcome to add and remove details as you like, but please don't vandalize.

Chapter 1Edit


After finally reading the letter left for her by her father Aaron, Charlotte returns to her hometown, Farrowveil Town, after years of studying abroad to start her own business.

Prologue - Past and Present Edit

The game starts with Charlotte and her uncle, Uncle Sven, standing in front of Charlotte's family store, The Dragon's Hoard. They reminisce about the past when suddenly, another character interjects. While Uncle Sven is surprised, Charlotte recognizes and greets the cranky character named Gruff. They then get into an argument before Uncle Sven joins the conversation once more in an attempt to stop the two. Eventually, Uncle Sven announces that he has to leave and will be at the Town Hall.

A Fresh Start Edit

Charlotte decides to clean up the interior of the shop but is stopped by Gruff who suggests that he do it instead after bringing up the memory of Charlotte blowing something to smithereens while trying to clean it. He tells her to look around and get acquainted or reacquainted with everyone in the town in the meantime.

By going to the right, Charlotte will encounter Nick, Gilda's husband, who laid out ingredients on the road, creating a roadblock. Gilda will then reprimand Nick and orders him to bring all the ingredients into their shop. Talia will then arrive and talk with Gilda. When she starts to leave, she will finally notice Charlotte and the two of them will converse before Talia introduces Charlotte to Gilda.

By going to the left and then up from the shop, Charlotte will be startled by a shout from a young boy named Torri who then immediately bumps into her before running off. If Charlotte continues going up, she will see and hear the conversation of the three members of the town's militia, Don, Warren, and Ed. Don will order Warren and Ed to stand by the entrance of the village to stand guard. If Charlotte attempts to go past them, they will immediately stop her.

By then going to the right, Charlotte will also find a resting Stomper by the Laylene Portal of the town. After attempting to interact with it, the Wandering Merchant will tell Charlotte more information on them, like how they originated from the Plains of Greenharrow before being tamed by humans. The merchant's cargo will be blocking the bridge so Charlotte won't have any way to access the Town Outskirts yet.

Until Charlotte talks to a lot of people, a young man will stand by the road to the Town Hall and will prevent her from passing. By talking to various people, Charlotte will learn about Eagledeen and the unfortunate accident (the landslide) that happened which blocked the road that connects the two towns.

After getting reacquainted with the town, Charlotte decides to go to the Town Hall. When she enters it, she will see that two other men are talking with Uncle Sven. Uncle Sven immediately notices her upon her arrival and introduces Charlotte to them. Vael'zorra, a high elf who runs the Unicorn Grace Inn, introduces himself to Charlotte first, before Uncle Sven introduces her to the Town Mayor. After Vael'zorra dismisses himself, the Town Mayor tells Charlotte that she must obtain a permit from the local branch of the Merchants Guild, the blue building near the fountain, if she wishes to open her shop. Uncle Sven will then say that he must speak with Charlotte in private and once both of them leaves, the Mayor realizes that Charlotte never learned his name.

Outside the Town Hall, Uncle Sven and Charlotte will talk about Aaron, her father, as well as the new building near the Town Hall that is the special new branch of his store for the town. He will also mention that he plans to hand that store to his daughter, Charlotte's cousin, who will arrive in a few months.

After talking with Uncle Sven and then heading to the Merchants Guild, Charlotte will find out that it's locked. Talia will then appear to congratulate Charlotte, having heard the news from Vael. After Charlotte complains about the Merchant's Guild being closed, Talia will mention something about Lucas which confuses Charlotte, but she refuses to reveal anything else. She will then give her 12 Chocolate Bread, a welcome gift from her and Gilda. Gruff will then arrive and inform Charlotte that he's done cleaning up the shop and that she can finally go inside.

When Charlotte enters the shop, Gruff will ask whether Charlotte wants a tour or not for the ground floor before continuing on to the second floor where the Charlotte is once again given the option of a tour. If Charlotte accepts, he will start explaining.

Gruff will then ask her about opening up her shop and the merchandise she will sell. After Charlotte confesses that she didn't plan that far ahead, he will give her some materials and a recipe and will ask Charlotte if she remembers how to use her transmutation skills. If she confirms that she doesn't, he will explain it to her. He will then task her with creating two Small Healing Vials and will give Alchemica Imperitum, a book records all the recipes she finds, once she completes them. He will not let Charlotte go anywhere until she creates them.

After Charlotte completes the task, he will tell her get more merchandise to sell as well as more materials to create them, suggesting she get them from foraging in Greenwood Forest and giving her the task of creating 15 Small Healing Vials.

Once Charlotte leaves the shop, she will encounter Vael'zorra who will give her a package that was left by Uncle Sven containing a Chrnotrome. He will then explain that Chrnotrome is a device that lets Charlotte use the Laylene Portals located all around Rochendil before recording the Farrowveil Town and Greenwood Forest locations in it.

By talking to people around the town, Charlotte can obtain a few side Quests. One from Grandma Dorna who will ask for Bloatbulbs, another from a Worrisome Old Lady who asks for Regallium Flowers, another from a Gluttonous Man who asks for multiple Chocolate Bread and Fluffy Cupcakes, and another from Warren who will ask Charlotte to beat a few Blue Jelly.

Once Charlotte attempts to use the Laylene Portal, Don will talk to her and then give her a Wooden Slingshot and Shock Bomb recipe, saying that it will help her more than the slingshot.

After Charlotte completes the task and shows Gruff the potions, he will then suggest she check the Merchants Guild again. After exiting the store, Charlotte will see a young girl, Sasha, looking through the window who runs away immediately after noticing Charlotte.

When Charlotte gets near the Merchants Guild, she sees and overhears Guidan scolding Sasha for being unladylike. They then get into an argument before Charlotte intervenes and introduces herself. Torri appears and runs off with Sasha to play. Charlotte tells Guidan her problem and he reveals that Lucas, the current guildmaster, is away so no admissions can be made. Charlotte's next task is to find Lucas in Greenwood Forest.

After reaching completing the dungeon and reaching Greenwood Forest Lakeside, Charlotte will encounter Lucas painting. They talk a bit before the tree starts to shake and become possessed. Charlotte then runs up to the tree and proceeds to fight it. After winning the battle, Charlotte and Lucas agree to meet in front of the Merchants Guild.

When Charlotte talks to Lucas outside of the Merchants Guild, he suggests they talk inside. She then explains her problem and he offers to do the paperwork for her before giving it to her the next morning. Talia and Guidan then show up, the latter of which begins to scold Lucas. After Guidan dismisses himself, Charlotte and her friends catch up and tell each other stories. They eventually stop and say goodbye for the night.

The next morning, Charlotte goes downstairs where Lucas gives her a Temporary Merchant Permit, explaining that she'll need to complete a couple more tasks before becoming a full member and to ask Guidan for more information. Guidan will then tell her that she needs to earn 4,000 Gold to become a full member and tells her to talk to him again after collecting it.

When Charlotte enters the store again, Gruff asks her how everything went. She tells him that she can now conduct business, but will have to work her way up to becoming a full member of the Merchants Guild and he expresses happiness at that.

After Charlotte becomes a full member of the Merchants Guild, she decides to call it a day and rest.

Being a Merchant Edit

After Charlotte wakes up and goes downstairs, she notices that Gruff isn’t in the store. She also decides to try to improve her business and decides to visit Eagledeen.

When Charlotte goes outside, she encounters Lucas who asks her for help after running away from Gruff. Gruff soon enters and asks Lucas to make him another sketch. Lucas replies that he’s already made a dozen sketches of him and can’t draw Gruff with such an exaggerated muscular body. Gruff then remarks that he really looks like that before the two start to argue. Eventually, Charlotte gets annoyed and stops them, saying that they were making a scene. She then tells Gruff to go inside and Lucas thanks her before asking whether or not she had gone to the Bronze Cog Workshop east of town. He tells her Gasket and Tinkerd live there and to drop by when she has the chance to. He leaves shortly after.

When Charlotte goes to entrance (the left) of the town, she encounters Asha, the protector, and Maria, the preserver, who say that Charlotte might be the one they seek. They say that they will watch over and observe her and that her fate will soon guide her to them. Charlotte can then pay 400 Gold to travel to Eagledeen by stagecoach.

When Charlotte reaches Eagledeen, parts of the city are off limits as an elven prince, Silverwind, from Ilvendil is visiting. By talking to the Cheerful Young Lady, Charlotte can unlock the portal to Eagledeen.

Bolts and Cogs Edit

When Charlotte goes to the workshop, she'll encounter Gasket and Tinkerd working on something. When Tinkerd leaves to get more water from the well, she notices Charlotte and welcomes her. She then introduces Charlotte to Gakset as his loyal cutomer's daughter. Gasket then introduces himself and asks Charlotte if she would like to see his new invention, a weather altering machine called the Cloud Manipulator. It ends up malfunctioning and Gasket returns to working on it. Tinkerd then asks Charlotte for a favor, obtaining 8 chunks of Mana Crystals for her side project, promising a cool item in return.

When Charlotte gives the Mana Crystals to Tinkerd, she will give Charlotte some Mini Chronotromes. Charlotte will then be able to buy Mini Chrinotromes for 2 Mana Crystals and 100 Gold.

Trouble at the Village Edit

In front of the Town Hall, Charlotte will encounter the Mayor, Lucas, and Upopo, a Lekumba, talking. When she goes up to them, Upopo reveals that he needs help. Lucas then reveals that he agreed to help as Upopo's tribe are partners of the Merchants Guild and asks Charlotte to help as a member of the Merchants Guild. He then gives her an Ancient Tablet saying that the only way to the Lekumba Village is through the clearing they met at a few days ago.

After Charlotte places the tablet in the hole on the stone head, a stony path will appear on the lake allowing Charlotte to enter the Lekumba Village. Upon enetering, Charlotte will see Upopo and Shaman Zaretta praying in front of a totem to Mother Earth and Father Sky, asking them to protect their village. They notice Charlotte and Lucas comes soon after. He asks to see their Chief and Zaretta tells him that he went missing in the temple and that bad stuff is happening so the village os doomed. Lucas tells him to calm down and asks Zaretta what happened. Zaretta reveals that the Chief and others left to make offerings to ancestors at the temple, but they haven’t returned since. He sent people to see what happened, but they didn’t return etiher. Lucas then promises to bring the Chief back before asking Charlotte to check out the temple. Zaretta then gives Charlotte a map containing Greenwood Forest Lakeside's and Stony Ruin's portal locations.

When Charlotte reaches the top floor, she notices the thick mist covering the area. If Charlotte attempts to talk to a Lekumba, it will tell her to stay away. When Charlotte speaks to Natombarre, he will complain about loud voices in his head. Charlotte will then ask him what happed and why his fellow tribesmen are acting strangely. He tells her that the mist arrived during the ceremony and everyone immediately started acting weird. He tells her that he managed to escape, but voices appeared inside his head. Eventually the voices get to him and he becomes like the other tribesmen. If Charlotte attempts to go up, Mystified Lekumbas will prevent her from getting close and tell her to turn back.

Charlotte returns to the village and tells Lucas and Zaretta what she learned from Natombarre. Zaretta then starts to freak out and Lucas tries to calm him down. Lucas then asks Charlotte if she’s okay and whether or not she approached the altar. Charlotte tells him how the Lekumbas prevented her from getting closer and Lucas deduces that the source of the problem is at the altar. Zaretta starts to freak out again, but Lucas and Charlotte reassure him and tell him they just need to get rid of the mist. After thinking for a while, Lucas then realizes that a visiting mage at the Merchants Guild could help them with their problem. He asks Charlotte to talk to him as she’s more experienced with magick.

When Charlotte talks to the Eldery Wizard, she asks him about a mind-controlling fog and tells him about the Lekumbas problem. He then asks her if she’s familiar with the term 'Malevalice' and explains that it’s a bizarre phenomenon occurring throughout Rochendil. He tells her that it always starts with a mysterious purple cloud descending to the location and that the cloud can generate a thick mist that effects beasts and humanoids, making them very hostile. He then tells her that she must act quickly as the effects may become irreversible the longer the Lekumbas are exposed to it. He then tells her he has an idea that might get rid of the mist and gives her a Wind Collector Jar, a tool used to collect samples of air to study. He tells her that she will need t charge it up before being able to use it however, and says that 12 Focused Mana Stones should suffice. He then tells her to place it in the temple once charged and gives her the recipe for the Focused Mana Stone.

After Charlotte returns to the top floor with a charged Jar, she places it on the floor and watches as it sucks in all the mist. After checking on Natombarre and the other Lekumbas, Charlotte goes to check on the Lekumba Chieftain. Upon seeing her however, the Chieftain gets mad and attacks her. When Charlotte wins, she sees a Malevalice cloud appear and it tells her not to interfere with their plans. Shortly after it disappears, Upopo and Lucas run in and talk to the Chieftain. They then head back to the village where the Lekumbas thank Charlotte and the Chieftain gives Charlotte a ciphered letter her father wrote before he left town. She tells Lucas she’ll need the second part to be able to read it and he suggests she go to Eagledeen, as her father went there for supplies before leaving.

If Charlotte talks to Zaretta, he will tell her that he's making concoctions that help the tribe when hunting, but is missing ingredients. He will give her a Side Quest asking for Exotic Feathers, Stinger Barbs, and Glow Stones.

If she talks to Muaua, she will tell her that she’s making a special stew for her husband, but her knife is dull and needs sharpening. She can’t replace it as it's a knife from her grandmother and asks Charlotte for help, but requests that Charlotte doesn’t use magick or alchemy to sharpen the knife as it’ll make it smell bad. For this Side Quest, Charlotte will need to find someone who can sharpen the Worn Knife for her. After talking to Vael, he will agree to sharpen the knife, but asks for 1,000 Gold to buy the tools to do so as he no longer has them.

After getting rid of the mist, if Charlotte talks to Natombarre, he will tell her that the village has run out of spears and that he can no longer hunt. For this Side Quest, Charlotte will have to defeat Lekumbas in the temple to get 12 Short Spears.

Little Red Budding Flower Edit

After getting rid of the mist, Charlotte notices a strange plant at Greenwood Forest Lakeside. To find out more about the plant, Charlotte goes to Valerie and Chappeaulle. They tell her that it’s an Alraune flower and explain that it’s likely dying as they usually grow in the ancient forest, where they depend on the enchanted water there to thrive and bloom. Charlotte asks them where she can get the enchanted water and Valerie mocks her for her ignorance before proceeding to tell her that the water from the forest flows everywhere and that people commonly collect and sell them as Fey Tears. When asked where to start looking for them, Valerie suggests that Charlotte buy them in Eagledeen as there are many merchants and traders there.

After watering the plant with 5 Fey Tears, Alraune thanks Charlotte and tells her she’s bored from being alone for so long. She then asks Charlotte to play with her, asking to spar with her. After the battle, she praises Charlotte and says she feels sleepy and asks Charlotte to play with her again some other time.

Sweet Dreams, Girl Edit

When Charlotte leaves her store, she finds Vael waiting for her. He aks for her assistance and proceeds to tell her about Talia and how she seems to be extremely exhausted lately. He then asks Charlotte to check up on her and make sure she’s getting rest. He gives her a spare key to Talia's house before leaving.

When Charlotte enters Talia’s house during her off-hours, she finds Talia passed out near her dresser. Charlotte tries to wake her up, but fails. She then calls Vael over and he tells her that her soul is separated from her body by a powerful magick and that she was mentally drained from the spell. He also tells Charlotte that such exposure to the spell will put a strain on Talia‘s body and that it may threaten her life in the long run. He then tells her to look for clues while he looks for more information.

When Charlotte approaches and inspects the tome on Talia’s dresser, Desire and Joy, the Kingdom of Want, she gets teleported into a kitchen in the Kingdom of Want. An animated doll notices her and asks if she can cook or sew. When Charlotte replies that she can’t do either of those things, the doll sighs and remarks that that means they have another servant. Charlotte is confused and decides to try to find Talia.

When Charlotte exits the kitchen, she’ll encounter Talia on a bridge. When Talia notices her, she thinks it’s a dream at first, but later realizes it’s not when she pinches herself. Talia then says that the Queen can get them home and tells her to go with her to the throne room.

Upon entering the throne room, Queen Marigold exclaims that only a good servant is allowed to have an audience with her and sends Charlotte back to Rochendil, warning her to not try to do anything to the book or ask for help otherwise she’ll keep Talia there forever.

To get an audience with the queen, Charlotte must find a way to be recognized as a good servant. The Bossy Maid tells her that a good servant is helpful in the kitchen and tells her that they need to make a cake. By reading the book Baking Done Right, Charlotte can find out the amount of flour, sugar, and salt needed depending on the size, topping, and texture of the cake. After figuring out the correct amount, Charlotte must talk with the Sweetie, Puffy, and Salty maids to tell them the amount of sugar, flour, and salt needed. After Charlotte confirms the amounts with the Bossy Maid, the cake will be made and Charlotte can then talk to Queen Marigold if it was made successfully. If not, she will have to make another cake.

Once Charlotte gets an audience with the queen, she asks her to return Talia’s soul as it’s threatening her life in their world. The queen laughs at her request, saying that a trivial matter like that doesn’t concern her as Talia’s soul will continue to serve her even if her body withers away. She then says that Charlotte’s boldness piqued her interest and asks for a wager; If Charlotte wins, she’ll let both of them go. She gives Charlotte two trials. The first one is to complete a dungeon and earn at least 2,000 points.

After Charlotte completes the first trial, the queen tells her that the second challenge is to fight her (For tactics please see this page). After she gets defeated,

Back in Rochendil, Talia is awake and assures Charlotte that she’s okay, saying she only feels a bit fatigued. Charlotte worries over her telling her to rest, but Talia tells her she’s worrying too much. She then suggests Charlotte have some tea while spending time with her and Charlotte agrees.

Chapter Two Edit

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